Lange RX 110 W LV (2016)

Publish date:
2016 Lange RX 110 W LV

Rating: / 5
Price: $700.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

Testers appreciated that the RX 110 W LV skied stiff and fit narrow and more than anything else helped them beat the boys down the hill. They did appreciate the "soft and cozy, velvety" Thinsulate liner but liked even more the fact that it wasn't too "girly girl." It's comfortable but not at the expense of performance, one tester said. There were no complaints about the fit of this boot-or stance or performance. That's notable since instep and midfoot pressure has been a persistent grumble in past incarnations. The RX line-up (both women's and men's) co-opted the RS 140's tongue construction, incorporating a unique, perforated foam directly over the bony midfoot area. That produces a hollow spot and a more forgiving fit directly under the second buckle where nerves and circulation can be impinged. Nice idea. Testers say the grippy soles on the RX are the best of the bunch. Not only are they replaceable but they are Cantology sole compatible for skiers who need more stance tweaking than the single-side cuff adjustment can accommodate.