Lange RX 130 LV (2016)

2016 Lange RX 130 LV

Rating: / 5
Price: $850.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

There are a heap of great boots that mate well with skinny feet, and the RX 130 LV continues to command a perch at the top of that pile. It teams the race boot power and precision necessary for burning frontside speed laps with the off-road suspension and dampening required for crud, bumps, and the occasional flat landing. The RX LV has defined narrow-class fit tension for years (meaning it is snug everywhere), and it also sets the industry standard for stance angles-neutral fore and aft and dead-flat side-to-side. The RX LV home base is exactly where good skiers want to move out from, and is the key to its versatility in all terrain and turn shapes. Nothing much has changed this year but testers did make note of the new goblin-green buckles and the revised tongue construction, which eases the tension over the top of the foot. The use of perforated foam over the midfoot produces a more accommodative feel there, freeing up blood flow and eliminating the under-buckle ache that often plagues the wearers of narrow, high-performance boots.