Lange RX 80 W (2016)

2016 Lange RX 80 W

Rating: / 5
Price: $500.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

It's not often "best quality" and "best deal" come in the same package but Lange has executed that rare combo in the RX 80 W. This Soft Value boot will cost under $400 in most shops and yet was ranked in the top 5 of all women's boots tested. It's a true medium width, serving a broad swath of foot and leg shapes. Testers said it has an easy slide on and snug initial fit that relaxes quickly. There's extra room in the toebox. They liked the closely fitted ankle pockets that mate with the boot's surprisingly able flex feel to produce athletic skiing moves everywhere they drove it. It features a polyurethane (PU) shell and cuff, not commonly found at the 80 flex level. (PU offers better flex feel and better workability if more space is needed through grinding or stretching.) So while soft and rangy in its flex, the consensus was that it didn't fail and most said it felt a tad stronger than 80. "Ergonomic and economic," one said.