Lange Super Blaster (2012)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $600.00
Year: 2012
Level: 2
Gender: Male

Does a Super Blaster sounds like a feather-weight slipper for skinning over hill and dale with a backpack full of dried fruit? No, it does not. This sidecountry shoe is for smooth, predictable power turn-to-turn. It favors bigger, taller guys with its upright stance and brick-outhouse construction. The Climbmatic touring feature is slick, but the boot is at its best going down. "Plain and simple; silky and smooth edge to edge," said Duncan. Notes: Climbmatic cuff-release feature provides simple buckle-activated swap to hike/walk mode, shell shape incorporates more room for toebox, side of 5th met head, navicular and instep, Control Fit liner utilizes anatomically shaped interior padding and cutaway instep design over top of foot, Natural Stance combines lower ramp angle with more upright cuff angle for a relaxed and tall position, Easy Entry Concept means notches in the lower shell make entry and exit easier.