Lange SX 120 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Level: N/A
Gender: Male

"While so many wide boots slot into either the bucket or medium-ish crusher categories, the SX blends wide-body comfort with medium-class performance. It’s a wide boot with a flex that can stand up to a big man’s frame. It carves like it’s on rails but with bar-car luxury sizing. By building its entire collection with similar anatomically shaped heel and ankle pockets and expanding primarily the forefoot width and instep height from its narrow to medium to wide boots, Lange has created a ""performance wide"" model. It’s got a reasonable cush factor but it manages to provide consistent contact within its cavernous forefoot and toebox. Testers specifically liked the midfoot and instep height that was proportionately tall enough to match the big width found at the toebox and forefoot. They gave props to the tall-but-flared boot top shape that suits big muscular legs attached to curvaceous feet. On-snow performance scores set the bar for the rest of the category—one tester said this was a 102 that skied like a 97. Testers found no blind spots for balance or skiability. A couple of testers mention a firm feel at the top of the tongue but noted it settled out pretty quickly once they got skiing. The summation: a boot for big guns turning big skis. Tester Comments: ""Classic Lange with more room. Performs like a race boot that's a little sleepy."" ""It's about time. The first perfect execution of balanced performance in a wide boot."""