Lange SX 90 W (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Female

This well-executed example of a traditional four-buckle overlap combines wide category comfort with good skiing characteristics. Classy, solid, agile and comfy were the words that cropped up repeatedly on our test forms. Testers loved it going on and off-and the entire time in between. They thought the closure was on target for higher volume feet and they felt immediately in tune with their skis on-snow. The fore-aft stance is on the upright side of average, so it was easy on the quads from the get-go. Some testers said they'd personally prefer a bit more heel lift, an easy add here. With the SX's higher instep fit and soft cutaway tongue design over the midfoot, there is plenty of room to bump up the ramp angle on the boot board-a nice option for women with limited ankle joint range of motion. Women with wider feet, higher insteps and bigger calves looking for a true performance boot should put this on their list. Tester Comments: "An all-around wonderful fit, and responsive too. They look great-I love it all." "Fit my foot great for a wide boot-good lookin', too." "I've been strapped in the past to find an aggressive skiers wide boot-this fills a much needed gap."