Lange XT 2.0 110 W L.V. (2016)

2016 Lange XT 110 W

Rating: / 5
Price: $750.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

Testers cheered wildly for the updated XT 2.0 110 W LV. They liked the new lower shell shape and the updated hike mode mechanism with increased range of motion. Though the way this area-based, sidecountry explorer skis was its real calling card. One tester said it brought out her inner Lange girl, and of course we like that. Stable, responsive, powerful, confidence-inspiring were commonly found scrawled on review forms. The lower boot is completely new with a slightly taller, more rounded fit over the midfoot and instep. Higher-arch testers smiled broadly. The Thinsulate Control Fit liner was put on a weight-loss program and is also slightly more shock absorbing. Testers described it as "supportive and cushy with the right amounts of each where they need to be." Some felt its overall volume was wider than most narrows. Given that there is no medium width women's XT at the 110 flex level perhaps this will suit a broader fit-spectrum of hard-charging women.