First Ascent at Las Lenas

The First Ascent Team Skis in Las Lenas

Lynsey Dyer, Lel Tone, and the First Ascent crew headed down to Las Lenas to test out new gear and revel in the South American landscapes. Lynsey Dyer shared some of her photos with us.

Refugio Frey

Bariloche, Argentina: Where to Eat, Drink, Dance, and Sleep

Bariloche, Argentina is home to mountains, lakes, wine, chocolate, and beef; not bad for ski bums traveling from the Northern Hemisphere. The local ski area, Cerro Catedral, sells tickets for around $40 U.S and offers tree runs, piste, jump-building opportunities, and a limitless backcountry decorated with monolithic rock spires. When I visited, during a lucky storm, we arrived nonchalantly everyday for the mountain’s 9:30 a.m. opening. The second week, we explored the city, drank the wine, and visited Bariloche’s popular and hidden establishments. Here is what I found.—Molly Baker