Leedom Helmets 2001-02

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A new trend these days is for the boutique ski manufacturers to make an apparel line. Moment Skis, out of Reno, Nevada, debuted their line at the show. This is the Elko Jacket, which will retail for $250.

Leedom Helmets 2001-02



Because of its certification from the notoriously strict Snell Foundation, Leedom's claim to be the safest snow-sports helmet available may be valid. New for next year's line is the Cut ($140¿$160), a high-cut, lightweight helmet with a removable ear and neck curtain, which the company is marketing toward the pipe-and-park rider. All Leedom helmets in the high-performance line have foam liners integrated with ComforTemp, which, combined with its patented airflow system, make for a more effective temperature regulation system.