Levitate Yourself

Levitate Yourself

Keystone, CO, Dec. 17, 2001--Have you always wanted to find your way into the wintersports industry, but you just don't know how to break in? Well you can always do what professional snowboarder Chris Graner and his boyhood friend Ian Burns have done. You can start your own company.

Chris came up with the name of the company a few years ago, but it was not until he told Ian about Levitate that the idea came to fruition. Chris recalls, "While I was back in New Jersey last summer, Ian and I were talking one night. I told him about Levitate and by the next evening we had already started looking for a way to manufacture and distribute our clothes." And this fall, Levitate became a reality. They have a manufacturer, a distributor, offers from several retail shops, and their own online store.

Although Ian, isn't a snowsports athlete, Chris is in his second season as a professional snowboarder. He placed in the top 25 of the International Snowboarding Federation Snowboardcross Tour and number one in the Summit County, Colorado SOS Boardercross and Halfpipe Tour.

Levitate apparel currently offers two kinds of baseball caps, two t-shirts, and three sweatshirts. And for the ladies a girly babydoll tee is in the works. Hats are $20, and the white T-shirts are $12 or $13. Sweatshirts are $38. To purchase equipment you can go to Blue Valley Rentals in Silverthorne, Colorado or purchase online at Levitate's website.

Levitate is still looking for slogan, so Chris and Ian are accepting suggestions on their website. If you submit the winning phrase they will send you a whole setup-hat, T-shirt, and sweatshirt.

For more information contact www.levitateapparel.com>Levitate Apparel or Blue Valley Ski Shop