Liberty Evolv90

2021 Men's All-Mountain Ski Review


Overall Rating 3.67 / 5
Tip / Waist / Tail (in Millimeters) 132-90-115
Lengths (in Centimeters) 165, 172, 179, 186
Radius (in Meters) 18.5
Flotation 3.4 / 5
Quickness / Maneuverability 3.95 / 5


Playfulness 3.45 / 5
Forgiveness 3.25 / 5
Hard Snow Performance 4.05 / 5
Crud Performance 3.55 / 5
Balance of Skills 3.6 / 5
2021 Liberty Evolv90 Men's All-Mountain Ski

The 2021 Liberty Evolv90 Men's All-Mountain Ski

With two struts of metal aligned vertically in the wood core, plus a carbon laminate and race-grade sidewalls, the Evolv90 has a lot of bite with minimal chatter. Testers enjoyed railing large-radius arcs at high speed and appreciated the ski’s confident ability to quietly shut down speed. A few testers struggled to find the sweet spot between full gas and full brakes, but those who did believe this damp ski can go toe-to-toe with the big European brands. 

STRENGTHS: Stability at Speed, Hard-Snow Integrity

WEAKNESSES: Forgiveness, Versatility

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