Line Blend (2016)

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Rating: / 5
Price: $750.00
Year: 2016
Level: 2
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 100
Tip/Tail/Waist: 132-100-122
Lengths: 171,178,185

The Blend is-you guessed it-a blend of various freestyle technologies and styles intended to perform as an all mountain ski. It has a big, 132 mm tip designed for mowing through powder and other various conditions, with a relatively skinny 100 mm waist designed for ripping harder snow. Its 20.5 m radius is also quite long, built for wide-open turns and high speeds. The ski shares a variety of technology amongst the entire All Terrain Freestyles series (see below), but it also has some unique qualities to it: A Maple Macroblock core is designed to be extra durable through the integration of maple stringers (strips of maple wood) surrounded by aspen wood, and Thin Tip technology lightens the tips, designed to reduce swing weight and chatter. The All Terrain Freestyle Collection is comprised of five different skis, each intended to get the job done in the park and anywhere else you may desire. The collection utilizes a wide variety of shared technology: Fatty Base & Edge technology uses thick edges and bases designed for extra durability and longer lifespan. Symmetric Flex technology gives the same flex profile both in front of, and behind the boot, designed to make skiing forwards and backwards feel exactly the same for freestylers. Five Cut technology combines five different sidecut designs, intended to collectively simplify turn initiation and grip. If you like to spend a lot of time in the park but also enjoy plenty of time outside of it, this is one of the best series Line has to offer you. Line, founded in 1995, is based in Seattle, Washington.