Line Pescado (2017)


Rating: / 5
Price: $1050.00
Year: 2017
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 147
Tip/Tail/Waist: 158-125-147

The 2017 Line Pescado is a new addition to the Line's Pollard Collection. It's deep-snow specialty tool and the widest ski Line makes, beating the Magnum Opus by a single millimeter. It's also the most expensive Line ski, at $1,050 (with a "street price" of $900 in shops). By far its most distinctive feature (other than its fishy graphic) is the Pescado's deep swallowtail, which will sink readily in deep snow to help keep the tip free and clear (and also marks it for distinctly directional performance, unlike the other skis in the group). The Pescado's core is a blend of lightweight woods, for durability and responsiveness. It's only available in a single length, 180 cm. Line's Eric Pollard Pro Collection is a four-model collection of fat freeriders developed with the design input of Line athlete/ambassador Eric Pollard, who personally creates the arresting artwork for its topsheets. With the exception of the new, swallowtailed Pescado, all are twin-tipped powder surfers, and all (except the Pescado) are designed to be emphatically bi-directional, with suggested mounting points just a couple centimeters back of center. Waist widths include a 125 (Pescado), a 124 (Magnum Opus), a 114 (Mordecai), and a 104 (Sir Francis Bacon). All are metal-free constructions, to keep things light, lively, and affordable. All have full-height/full-length sidewalls for optimal edge grip on softpack. Line Skis, founded in 1995 by early independent ski-making entrepreneur and twin-tip inventor Jason Levinthal, is a subsidiary of K2, which, along with Volkl, Dalbello, and Marker, is a subsidiary of the Jarden Group, which was itself purchased by the Newell Rubbermaid consumer-products conglomerate in 2016. Based in Seattle, Wash., Line manufactures its skis in China. Sister brands include K2 and Full Tilt. -J.C.