Line Skis Future Spin (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $560.00
Year: 2014
Level: 2
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 109
Tip/Tail/Waist: 112-86-109
Lengths: 167, 174, 181

With a near symmetrical flex and near-symmetrical sidecut, the 86 mm wide Future Spin, new to the Line collection for 2013-14, is the most park-specific ski in the All-Terrain Freestyle collection. It offers a little more camber underfoot than the Chronic or Blend, good for carving into hits and generating boost. Just a touch of tip and tail rocker is designed to give it easy-to-pivot looseness without overly compromising rebound energy. Line's Freestyle All-Terrain collection includes three lightweight twin-tip models - Blend, Chronic and Future Spin - in waist widths ranging from 100 (Blend) down to 86 mm (Future Spin). They're built for soft-snow, all-mountain versatility, with a "progressive" (forward of traditional) mounting point. Many buyers, Line says, will center-mount them for ideal park performance. All models have camber underfoot for carvability with varying amounts of tip and tail rocker (more in the wider models, very little in the Future Spin) for easy-pivoting looseness. Line's new, lighter Maplelite Macro Block core blends dense maple underfoot for power and durability with lightweight aspen tip and tail for reduced swing-weight. ThinTip tips are extra thin and flexible for supple shock absorption and further weight savings. Metal-free Capwall construction combines light forgiving cap construction on top, resting on low sidewalls over the edges for solidity and grip. Line's Symmetric Flex is designed to enhance bi-directional versatility.