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Loki Ring Jacket

Just because a jacket is marketed towards snowboarders doesn't mean it's not ideal for a skier.
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Loki Ring

From ripping laps in bounds, bootpacking the sidecountry, charging backcountry lines in all conditions imaginable and the occasional bout of parking lot debauchery, the LOKI Ring jacket withheld everything I threw at it and any misconceptions about it being a “snowboarder only” jacket; because of the built-in mitts were forgotten.

I’ve noticed that a lot of skiers are inclined to wear gloves, but LOKI’s mitts are functional and you have the freedom to manage whatever task you desire and easily get them on and off in seconds. The mitts are also unnoticeable when they’re not deployed, so you don’t have to worry about ever dropping a glove off a chairlift. You have the option to wear gloves with the Ring jacket, but I found that the mitts are warmer than most gloves I’ve ever owned because all of your upper body heat transfers straight to your hands.

In addition to this feature, LOKI also incorporates a built-in face shield that keeps the wind and cold out, but is nearly invisible when you don’t need it. To engage, you simply grab the face shield from inside the back of the hood and pull it over your head for full coverage. The shield works well under any helmet or the sleek LOKI hood. The Ring proved itself in all elements: it’s lightweight, packable and on warmer days, very breathable.

$240; lokiusa.com



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