Look Bindings 2001-02


Look Bindings 2001-02



The most notable change for Look's 2001-2002 line occurs at the low end. The new Nova series will replace the XR series from this year, and, unlike XR bindings, will use the company's top-end Full Drive toe piece. The Full Drive toe technology is now used in every binding in Look's collection, from race down to junior. The Pivot series will continue to be Look's flagship and returns from last year with only cosmetic and name changes. According to Look, its bindings have the "greatest elastic travel combined with strong return-to-center values," characteristics the company says amount to the "most effective retention and coupling in the business." All of Look's bindings have been renamed so that the numerical part of the name indicates the top-end of the DIN range for each binding.

Pivot Series
Pivot bindings use Look's step-in turntable heel, which the company claims "offers better retention, better skiing, and less stress on the tibia than any other binding in the business." The Pivot 14 Maxplate (5-14), Pivot 12 Maxplate (4-12), Pivot 11 Maxplate (3.5-11), and Pivot 10 Maxplate (3-10) all incorporate the 14 mm ski-dampening Maxplate. The Pivot 12 Maxflex (4-12) uses the 19 mm Maxflex plate, which both dampens the ski and enhances flex. The two Pivot race bindings are the Pivot 14 Race Lifter (5-14), with 10 mm of lift, and the Pivot 12 Race (4-12), which has 4 mm. The Pivot 12 Spacer (4-12) and the Pivot 10 Spacer (3-10) round out the series. Both have 4 mm of lift.

TX Series
TX bindings use a three-piece step-in heel and the Full Drive toe. The TX 11 Maxplate (3.5-11) uses the 14 mm Maxplate. The TX 11 Spacer (3.5-11) uses a basic 11 mm lifter.

Nova Series
According to Look, Nova bindings' roll coupling, lateral coupling, and return-to-center force is greater than any binding at the low end. There are four bindings in the series: The Nova 10 Maxplate (3-10) and Nova 9 Maxplate (3-9), and the Nova 10 (3-10) and Nova 9 (3-9).

Look has three after-market lifters: The 19 mm Maxflex, which uses visco-elastic dampening and has floating screws to enhance ski flex; the 14 mm axplate, a fixed plate that dampens; and a 10-mm lifter.