Look Bindings 2002

look binding

Look's principal aims are straightforward: create a rigid coupling with the ski for good ski response, absorb shocks to the binding (and skier), and help minimize unnecessary release. All Look bindings include the Full Drive toepiece, which releases laterally, vertically, and at all angles in between. Of course, Look bindings also allow the skis to flex freely: The turntable Pivot heel's short mounting distance enables the ski to flex with less hindrance than most other heelpieces. Finally, the new Maxplate lifters add a vibration-damping elastomer under the heelpiece on several models.

PRO/BRO: "Other bindings feel blocky to me, but Look's smaller contact area lets the ski flex better. You've got to trust your bindings, and Looks have treated me well." --Jeremy Nobis, professional big-mountain rider and former U.S. Ski Team member

P12 Maxplate (DIN 4-12) $310
This model has all the goodies: a 14-mm Maxplate and the Pivot turntable. Plus, the heelpiece floats on top of the Maxplate to allow for deeper ski flex.

P10 Maxplate (DIN 3-10) $240
What you lose here, compared with the P12, is just two ticks on the DIN-O-Meter, and for many of us, this is where we want to be, anyway.

Nova 10 Maxplate (DIN 3-10) $165
Here the Full Drive toe is matched with a 10-mm Maxplate and a more traditional step-in heel. And the Nova is one of the lightest bindings available.