Lost at Jackson Hole? Use Your iPhone App

Most people these days ski with their phone on them. Jackson Hole is banking on this tech dependency by offering a new iPhone application that lets people track the number of laps skied in a day and pinpoint their location at the resort.
Jackson Hole Iphone App

Remember the days of marking your calendar to track the number of ski days you logged in a season? Jackson Hole’s new GPS iPhone application—the first of its kind among ski resorts—sends this kind of devoted tracking to the next level by allowing users to log their runs and vertical feet with a detailed record of when, where, and how hard you skied. Also, for the tech savvy skiers who are't as geographically inclined, you can use the app to locate yourself on the Jackson Hole trail map. You can also check for lift closures and openings, so that you can time every powder day lift opening just perfectly, get current weather and snow conditions, and access a directory for Teton Village après ski bars.

“We have taken full advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities and I think people will be impressed by the app’s features,” says Dan Miller, a Jackson Hole local and resort employee who helped develop the app.

Check out a free preview at the iPhone Application Store and in early November get the complete application, which has additional compass capabilities for finding directions or checking slope aspects. Also, if you want the world to know exactly why your quads are sore, the complete version will include an interface so you can upload your stats to Facebook, if that's your thing.

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Powder-monium at Jackson Hole Still

Storm Alert: Jackson Hole Powder-Monium

There is a big storm rolling into Jackson Hole right now (January, 18th 2012) and it is expected to hit in just 2 days here is some footage to prove it. Courtesy of our friends at Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Check back for updates as this storm unfolds, with more video and photos of the pow.