Lowa Boots 2001-02

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Lowa Boots 2001-02



Though known for high-end hiking and alpine touring boots, when it comes to downhill ski boots, Lowa aims to keep the masses- and the retailer-happy. The emphasis is on comfort and value for skiers who view the sport as a recreational or social outing, not a matter of life or death. For 2001-2002, the company expands its line to the lowest price-point, with a new offering intended for the rental and package market. Lowa is a sister brand of Tecnica and Dolomite, and while it shares production line expertise with those two brands, it has its own design and marketing teams.

RS Series
Performance counts, but not at the expense of comfort. The RS series, designed for maximum warmth and cushiness, returns unchanged except for minor details. And it's still aimed at skilled all-mountain skiers who may once have been willing to play with a little pain, but aren't anymore. Note: All ".4" models are unisex; all ".3" models have women's-specific lasting and cuff-height.
Unchanged: RS Foam, RS 4.4/3.3, RS 1.4/1.3.

SC/LC Series
Here's where Lowa has its greatest success. The SC offers ultimate ease and comfort, thanks to its mid-entry design and a free-floating Shell Tongue that adapts to the physiology of the skier while dispersing any hint of buckle pressure. It's warm, soft-flexing, and as easy as can be to put on or take off. This year, the series has been expanded by one model at the lowest price point, with the new RS 1.4/1.3. Note: ".2" models are unisex; ".3" models are women-specific.
New:SC 1.2/LC 1.3.
Unchanged:SC 6.2/LC 6.3, SC 4.2/LC 4.3, SC 2.2/LC 2.3.