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Jamaican Ski Wear?

Spyder makes the uniform for Errol Kerr, sole member of the Jamaican ski team and Olympic ski-cross hopeful. Here's a look at his apparel.

10-11 ski opener

Fat Skis: 2010-2011 Preview

Skiing Magazine had a chance to ski a few of next year’s skis at the SIA On Snow Demo Days at Winter Park. Due to the huge amount of skis available and the little time we had, we limited ourselves to fat skis. We tested a handful of new, redesigned and carryover models between 95mm and 115mm underfoot. Although certain skis did better in certain conditions, there really wasn't a bad ski among them.

Favorite Skis 2010

12 Cheap Skis

We asked manufacturers to make the case for their best low-cost, high-performance models. As you read, keep in mind that the prices listed are suggested retail prices. Shop around and you’ll likely find these skis for a couple hundred bucks less than what’s listed.


Life-Saving Gear

Skis and boots will only get you so far in the backcountry. Don’t forget all the other stuff you’ll need to get you in and out safely.


Sick of Airline Baggage Fees? Try a Demo.

As it gets more expensive to fly, resorts are increasing their size and quality of rental fleets. Here's why you should check it out.


Backcountry Apparel

What to wear when you're heading out of bounds.

Jordan Grano started Folsom Custom skis last year in Boulder, Colorado.

Custom Skis

You can have your skis built just the way you want them. Here's a look at one of Colorado's custom ski shops.

I loved the Langes I grew up in, but they hurt my shins. Last spring I stepped into a pair of Super Blasters. Wow, Langes have changed. The gel-padded tongue completely eliminates the Lange bang of old. But the coolest innovation is the third-buckle walk-mode switch. Flip it open for easy hiking, skinning, or base-village pub crawling. And the sole is also grippy for traction on the bootpack. [$580; langeski]  —Ben Rifkin

Best Gear: 101 of our Favorite Things

This is our stuff. We own it, use it, and believe in it. We think you'll like it, too.