Luxury: Skis of the Stars

Skis of the stars

Who says skiing isn't a rich man's sport? Not Willy Bogner. The couturier to the winter elite joins a growing club of purveyors of posh gear this season. Bogner skis come in three models: Carving (65-67 mm waist), All Mountain (70 mm) and Big Mountain (80 mm). They're groundbreaking in two ways: ski construction (bamboo core and topsheet-très chic) and price (about $3,000, which also lands you bindings, bamboo poles and a handsome ski bag). Bogner is not alone in going upmarket. Volant now offers a ski/binding package priced at $2,299.

The HF is handmade using Volant's special World Cup racing base, equipped with the new Neox binding, then hand-tuned before it ships. The discriminating skier may also politely applaud the return of French-made Lacroix skis to American racks this season, with the Signature priced at $980. Now sold under the Royal Chamonix banner in the U.S., Lacroix will continue its high-end tradition: crafting skis by hand, using the highest-quality materials available. But the French ski-maker offers its crème de la crème only to those willing to take the initiative to visit Lacroix's Paris showroom, where shoppers can design their own skis, topped with exotic woods and inlaid baubles. Mahogany and diamonds? The perfect Davos ski, darling.

Sept 2004