Marker Bindings 1998


Marker, which accounts for roughly half of the binding business in the U.S., confidently elected to show SKI only three of its more than 70 products: a value binding with myriad features, including Selective Control (SC); a simple lifter; and its all-new flagship model, the Logic1 Turbo SC. Since Marker research concludes that 11 to 12 mm of lift is optimal for 95 percent of the skiing population, most of its high-end models employ that amount of lift.

M29V SC $245
When you step in it goes "clack" instead of "thunk." Otherwise the M29V is hard to distinguish from last year's heavier M51 Turbo SC that was priced well above $300. This is chicken-in-every-pot, shift-lever technology for price-sensitive Newcomers and Players. The three SC performance settings, though not as dramatic as those on the Logic1, will give any ski three distinct personalities. Like most computers, the M29V has more features than its target audience could ever use. The only question is: How can Marker sell so much to so many for so little?

Logic1 M 9.1 Turbo SC $395
Totally re-engineered from the inside out, the Logic 1 looks and acts like a Super Marker. It's designed to be safer, deliver more power, reduce fatigue, create a crisp, precise connection to the snow and provide a softer ride. By manipulating flex, Marker's Selective Control (SC) shifter transforms a single ski into a quiver.

Position 1 is designed to have little or no influence on the ski's personality: It gives the ski a free-floating sensation meant for slow speeds, soft snow and moguls, where tips need to float over the bumps.

Position 2, the Logic1's default setting, is best for everyday use on groomed surfaces. It feels natural and strong, especially at the end of high-speed turns, where the ski slices back out of the fall line with no sense of deceleration. Position 3 is the most powerful setting Marker has ever offered. The edge engagement is incredible. Racers and All-Mountain Experts will click to 3, then mount a search-and-destroy mission on ice and hardpack.

EPS2 $25
The third Marker product we reviewed is a simple honeycomb plastic lifter designed to fit beneath most on-the-deck Marker models. It elevates to 11 mm, just 1 mm lower than the Logic1, and it costs a mere $25. Light and sensitive, the EPS gives you lots of edge and plenty of feedback from the ski, without screening out much vibration. A great deal for Aspiring Carvers, Players, All-Mountain Experts and Racers.