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Marker Bindings 2001-02


Marker Bindings 2001-02


The majority of Marker's binding line will be new for next season. As with last year's collection, what differentiates Marker's binding models from each other is the performance-enhancing technology that comes underneath the toe and heel pieces. The Comp 1400, for example, is available with the following interface options: Piston Control, Glide Control, Free, or EPS. The new Piston Control is at the top of the performance-enhancing scale. Piston Control bindings have a floating toe interface, which allows the ski to bend more deeply, and a hydraulic piston between the toe and heel, said to eliminate vibrations when the ski unloads. The next step down is Glide Control, which uses the same toe interface as Piston Control¿but without the hydraulic piston. Then comes the Free interface, which uses Marker's new Big Air pads to absorb and cushion landings. At the bottom for most bindings is EC and EPS. EC, or Energy Control, is a 14 mm lifter that shrinks to 10 mm for certain bindings. EPS, or Edge Pressure System, is a basic 5 mm lifter. Marker continues to offer its Selective Control system on some models. Selective Control allows a skier to adjust a ski's flex for different snow conditions.

Competition Series
All bindings in Marker's Competition line feature the Biometric toe, which is said to reduce release values in backward twisting falls, the Comshock Piston, which keeps boots better centered over the ski by absorbing short-duration shocks, and Marker's stainless steel gliding AFD. The MRR EC 14 Racing (5.5-15), MRR Free (5.5-15), and MRR EPS Racing (5.5-15) use Marker's turntable heel. Models: Comp 1400 Piston Control (5.5-14), Comp 1400 Glide Control (5.5-14), Comp 1400 Free (5.5-14), and Comp 1400 EPS (5.5-14).

High Performance Series
All bindings in the High Performance Series are new for next year and use the Biometric toe, the Comshock Piston, and the gliding AFD. Models: Titanium 130 Piston Control (4-13), Titanium 1300 Glide Control (4-13), Titanium 1200 Piston Control (3-12), Titanium 1200 Glide Control (3-12), Titanium 1200 Free (3-12), and Titanium 1200 EPS (3-12).

Sport Performance
The M 7.2 Graphite EC 14 (3-11) is the only binding in the Sport Performance line that uses the Biometric toe and Twincam heel used in the higher-end bindings. The M6.2 Selective Control (3-10), M6.2 EC14 (3-10), M5.2 EC10 (2.5-9.5), and M3.2 (2.5-9) all use the Biotech toe and compact step-in heel. With the Biotech toe, compensation for backward falls occurs at the heel piece.

All of Marker's interfaces are offered as after-market items.