Marker Schizo

One binding that suits both new-school and traditional applications

Until now, skiers planning to spend lots of time in the park had a tough decision to make when it came time to mount a binding to a new ski. They could center-mount it for balanced swing-weight and good park-performance, or they could mount it in conventional fashion—aft of center—for traditional all-mountain performance. The Schizo system, available on Marker’s Jester and Baron bindings, lets you have it both ways. A cable-and-track system allows the binding to be mounted somewhere in between, then moved forward or back over a six-centimeter range. A screwdriver’s all you need to adjust it (Marker even provides one), and there’s no need to readjust the forward pressure or otherwise worry about your DIN setting. Best of all, you get the industry-standard power and edge-hold of the Royal Family series of bindings, thanks to that extra-wide foundation. There are two versions available: the Jester Schizo 16, with its 6–16 DIN range ($495), or the Griffon Schizo, plenty beefy for all but the heaviest and most aggressive rippers with its 4–12 DIN range ($395).