Meet the Testers: Jeremy Benson

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Name: Jeremy Benson

Age: 34

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175

Home hill: Alpine Meadows and smooth backcountry, CA

Day Job: Freelance writer/Waiter

What makes you qualified to test?: This year was my 6th year as a Skiing Mag tester, so I've kinda got a system figured out. I also have the ability to differentiate between various ski models run after run, and attempt to articulate that.

Skiing background: Big Mountain/backcountry freeskiing, with east coast racing, moguls, and powder skiing roots.

Favorite type of terrain: Steep, complex big mountain terrain, preferably with stable powder on it.

Ideal ski: Volkl Shiro

Favorite part of the Skiing mag ski test: Taking off my boots after 20 hot laps on Gadzoom

Funniest story from ski test (any year)?: This year Luby and I met the "Bliss Brothers", a couple of unique characters who ski at Snowbird. They told us, "We manufacture bliss out of natural things and spread it around Snowbird." I must admit that every time I saw them skiing from the chair, blowing their whistles and wearing their interesting ski clothes, I had to smile. Nothing but bliss from those two.

What don't people know about the ski test?: Its pretty damn hard. Skiing 100 or so pairs of skis in 5 days takes a lot of physical endurance, and being able to tell and articulate the difference between the various models is an ongoing challenge.

Why should people trust the Skiing mag ski test?: Its not some bro-brah BS. We're really going out there and testing all of these skis.

Please translate the following phrase: Hafmeyjunum ekki skíði, þú kjánalegt manneskja!: Mermaids don't ski, you silly person!

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