Merrell NADA Nanuk Jacket

"Green" and white
Merrell Nada Nanuk

The “NADA” in Merrell’s NADA Nanuk jacket stands for “Not Any Dye Applied.” From the fabric down the zippers, there’s not a drop of dye in this garment, resulting in major reductions in water, energy and chemical use during production.Aside from the environmental impact, the absence of dyes gives the jacket a sleek, monochromatic look.

In addition to its environmental credentials, the Nanuk is fully seam-sealed, with 100 percent polyester, waterproof, breathable two-layer rip-stop fabric. We like the rubberized zippers, removable hood and powderskirt and the environmental savings embroidered on the sleeve (with dye-free thread, obviously).

NADA Cirque available for men.