Motivational Tools


You don’t need to be told to drop the doughnut and start training for the ski season. But what the hell: Drop the doughnut! If that doesn’t help, check out our “Get Stacked”workout on page 157 and then think about decking yourself out in this cutting-edge fitness gear. At the least, you’ll look good as you pull preseason multisport duty.

CamelBak FlashFlo$40
There’s nothing fancy about the FlashFlo; its genius lies in its simplicity. A well-padded lumbar panel, mesh waist-belt wings, and side stabilizer straps provide ample support to carry the 45-ounce reservoir, snacks, and a 10-gig iPod. Cinch it down on your hips, and it’s plenty stable for trail running.

Patagonia Dragonfly$135
One of the lightest water-resistant jackets ever, the three-ounce Dragonfly is also so compressible that you can-and should-stash it in any old pocket for emergencies. Although it’s breathable and wind resistant, don’t expect the Dragonfly to withstand a deluge or blizzard: It’s better at taking the edge off mildly annoying conditions.

The North Face Wind-X$124
Cut from Gore Windstopper Next-To-Skin fabric, the versatile Wind-X top does just about everything except ski for you: It sheds light rain and snow, blocks the wind, and lets perspiration escape. Wear it as a base layer, a mid layer, or an outer shell, depending on the weather and your activity.

Mountain Hardwear Detonator$65
With its smooth, wind-blocking exterior and brushed lining, the long-sleeved Detonator shirt is the technical equivalent of flannel-lined jeans. The soft, stretchy polyester fabric transports moisture away from the skin quickly. It’s a little more substantial than a lightweight base layer, making it a great cold-day running top, mountain-bike jersey, or mid layer for backcountry skiing. Two pockets, a high collar, and six small reflective patches round out the package.

Timex Helix Wrks$130
With its standard temporal responsibilities, altimeter, chronometer, barometer, thermometer, and digital compass, you’d expect that the Helix WRKS would require a team of software specialists to run you through the programs. You’d be wrong. All the features are so intuitive and easily accessed-simply dial a knob on the crown to scroll-you can toss the user’s manual. Huge, easy-to-read numbers and time of day displayed with all functions mean you have no excuse for quitting early.800-448-4639,

Oakley Magnesium M Frame$225
Okay, the M Frame’s shield design hasn’t been in style since the early days of Greg LeMond. But if form does indeed follow function, you can’t buy a better training sunglass than the new Magnesium M Frame. The sculpted magnesium is lighter and stronger than most nylons and plastics, and no shield has better optics, protection, or airflow for aerobic activities.

Sugoi AltoFino$35
Keep those short shorts in the drawer and pull on Sugoi’s flattering and comfortable AltoFino trail shorts instead. The just-above-the-knee length, drawstring waist, and two front zip pockets make them perfect for gym or trail, and the polyester microfiber fabric is neither too soft nor too stiff for trail running or a series of single-leg squats.

Nike ACG Air Thielsen$80
Finally, a trail-running shoe that’s made for trail running, not light hiking. The nimble Air Thielsen is a lightweight, streamlinedd speed machine, designed for fast motion over uneven ground. Trail feel is excellent, foot placement precise, and the low-profile tread pattern excels in all but the goopiest conditions.