New Goggles

Top Goggles

Zeal Link PPX
The height of current goggle technology, the Link PPX features a lens that is both polarized (meaning it cuts glare) and photochromatic (meaning it adapts, albeit slowly, to changing light conditions on the mountain). A lightweight yet sturdy frame completes the package.

Bollé Quasar
"Simple yet very, very effective is the modus operandi of this sturdy spherical. Bollé's Equalizer technology keeps the lens fog-free by using a waterproof-breathable vent that adapts quickly to changes in humidity. Flush outriggers ensure a good fit with or without a helmet.

Scott Partridge
These frames add some "C'mon, Get Happy to your ski outfit. The Partridge features a bronze-chrome lens that offers sharp contrast and radical clarity whether it's overcast or sunny.

Anon Figment
With a style that melds Shaun White, the Sundance Kid, and 1980s street gangs, this version of Anon's Figment wins for retro fashion. It's technical, too: Channeled top venting keeps the view fog-free.

Spy Zed
They may look like the Puma tennis shoe of the goggle world, but these hip eyepieces are built for backcountry performance. The ventilation system keeps the dual lenses clear during hot, sweaty hikes, and alloy inserts ensure the air keeps flowing.

Smith 3M Black Boutique Prodigy
If sleek sophistication is your thing, you'll love these special-edition beauties. Based on Smith's high-performance Prodigy frame, they sport trendy threads of reflective 3M Scotchlite material in the strap and come with a leather case.