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Rossignol Attraxion Echo

Green Skis: Rossignol Attraxion Echo

Boots and ski equipment made in environmentally-friendly ways are easier to find than ever before. Like a new women's ski from Rossignol, the Attraxion Echo, which is made from as many sustainable, low-impact materials as possible. All that, and it's as smooth a ride as any you'll find.

Black, or gray…black, or gray?  Not too long ago that was pretty much the only choice shoppers had when perusing the ski glove wall. But more and more vibrant colors are returning to ski gear, and that palate is moving onto the hands, too. Swedish glove crafter Hestra is leading the charge, working with pro skiers to cater to a younger, bolder market.

Hot Hands

Hestra brings the rainbow to next season’s glove line. We’ve got a preview.