New Waterproof Technology that Actually Breathes

No more powder day back sweat.

What is your biggest complaint about your waterproof jacket or shell? It’s great on wet days, but what happens when you decide to hike the Headwall, you have to side step up to your child or it’s a really deep day and you’re working really hard to make a consistent top-to-bottom run? Your left drenched in sweat, reaching for your vents and wishing you’d worn a soft shell.

Polartec smelt that stench wafting out from your jacket and has done something about it. “The weather protective category has been focused on waterproofness at the expense of breathability,” recognizes Peter Lord, global product manager for weather protection. That is why Polartec created NeoShell, the first breathable waterproof technology.

In collaboration with Teton Bros, a Japanese apparel brand focused on functional backcountry apparel, Polartec has created an all new NeoShell waterproof fabric that offers more stretch, breathability and overall comfort than any previous version.

“There are other stretchy waterproof fabrics on the market, but not with the breathability of NeoShell,” says Lord. “The new knit NeoShell styles we’ve engineered are the softest, most breathable, and most comfortable NeoShell fabrics ever created.”

The only place you can try this new technology? The all new NeoShell is exclusive to the Teton Bros. and made specifically for their flagship product, the TB 2.0 Jacket.

View the journey of engineering the new NeoShell fabric in the video below: