Nine of a Kind

Fluff Skis

This fall Rossignol pressed nine pairs of its Bandit B3 skis with a custom Skiing Magazine Fluff top sheet. Each month, readers with the best letter to the editor can win these limited-edition skis. Now, skiers can get their own pair (without writing a witty or inspirational letter) at, courtesy of December's letter of month winner, Simon Levine.

Levine, a professor at the University of Michigan and an avid skier, wrote a letter to Skiing about his memorable experiences skiing with Doug Coombs in Jackson Hole and Alaska. "I just wanted to say what I thought about Doug, he says. "I didn't write the letter to get skis. So, Levine unselfishly put the skis up for auction at and will donate the money to the Doug Coombs Memorial Fund, which benefits Doug's wife Emily and son David.

The auction is running from now until November 12. The bidding began at $350 and has been steadily increasing with the minimum increment of $5. Skiing Magazine is holding onto the skis, and they will be shipped to the winner of the auction.