No More Schlepping Your Bags


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These services pick up your gear at your front door and drop it off at your slopeside digs – almost anywhere in the world.


The staff’s on call 24 hours day, the network allows shipping to 110 countries, and your baggage even gets a protective plastic wrap for the ride. Rates range from $1 to $7.50 per pound plus pickup fees.

SPORTS EXPRESS: A recent search generated a quote of $56 to ship skis one-way from Seattle to Vail, where you can arrange to get them tuned before you show up.

FIRST LUGGAGE: Within Europe, try UK-based First Luggage, which can ship skis one-way between, say, Austria and Slovenia for 79 euros.

LUGGAGE EXPRESS: Choose between overnight, second-day, or three- to five-day delivery-which, if you’re flying from New York to Reno/Tahoe, will run you $108, $76, or $68 for a 30-pound load.