Nordica Bindings 2001-02

Nordica N2S Demo

Nordica Bindings 2001-02


Nordica enters its second year in the bindings market with the same two products it had a year ago, plus two demo models. The idea with the demo bindings is to increase the awareness among shop employees and consumers while Nordica works behind the scenes to create more sophisticated models to complement the line. "We're focused on the meat and potatoes portion of the business right now," says Nordica product manager Chris O'Donoghue. "We got some decent response from it last year. We didn't set the binding world on fire, but that was not our plan. The idea was to bring to market a good solid package binding, and we did some pretty good package business with it. We're going to continue that philosophy as we move forward as the company continues to develop some higher-end product." That being said, Nordica returns the N2 (3-10) and N2S (4-12) with new graphics, while the N2 Demo and N2S Demo enter the marketplace for the first time.

Nordica will not offer after-market lifters. All of its under-binding plates are integrated into skis, "which will allow the ski to flex more naturally," O'Donoghue says.