Nordica Cruise 110 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Male

Our Cruise 110 samples packed a more studly +20 flex index points and a revamped liner from the version we last tested two years ago. The boot loves to turn-testers noted that the lower shape and slightly abducted (toed-out) stance position enhances a direct connection between foot and ski. The naturally balanced stance feel let our skiers make any move they wanted to and pull it off with confidence. Even the slender-of-foot-who were swimming in the deep end here-gave the boot good performance marks. There's something about it that just makes great turns. Testers liked the new liner and noted its silky, even contact throughout the lower and up into the tongue and calf. Our heaviest tester (no names, he asked) said the Cruise 110 had adequate substance for his size and strength at all speeds. And he is big, fast and pretty strong so that's saying something. Tester Comments: "A rare find for the wide, meaty-footed all-mountain skier." " Tuned into the snow-feels flat-on-the-floor connected to the ski."