Nordica Cruise 85 W (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Female

Carvers with curves, this is your boot. With cruise style comfort, cathedral ceiling instep height and double-wide trailer room from the toebox to forefoot, this is a happy home for big, thick feet. The calf fit is ample-vouched for by our test team's very own large calf consultant. Testers said it drives a ski with power and beyond its meager 85 flex and has a nicely balanced stance. It does offer a slightly duck-footed stance position, so if standing balanced for you means your toes point at ten and two, there's another reason to make this your boot. The liner is plush, offering maximum comfort and warmth, and it slid on and off like butter. Tester Comments: "Like driving a Lincoln Continental. Even flex with good snow feedback." "This boot is my new BFF. Warm and cozy, comfort, comfort, comfort."