Nordica Hell & Back H1 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Male

Nordica's return to its roots (four-buckles, overlap shell construction) was a welcome re-direct for many of our test crew-especially those that are decidedly descent-oriented and interested in maximum power. They spun it to eleven on the Hell & Back and got no squealing backtalk, just solid transmission to the edge with amplified rear support. Testers said the boot was stouter in flex than billed, and many opted to dial-down the stiffness with the available adjuster. This boot is tailored to bigger, taller skiers. It stands upright and fits a little high on the leg. Testers placed this medium on the broader end of the category, fit wise. They noted that there was a fair amount of room in the toebox, over the top of the foot and through the instep. Testers also said that the boot was warm-possibly due in part to that ease of fit over the midfoot, but also related to the dual-mesh liner construction that helps keep feet dry.