Nordica Patron Pro (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Male

The new Patron Pro is the archetype of the ski boot that all the best skiers envision-it is functional, but it is unadorned. It is not fluffy, it is not soft, it is not medium-anything. It is full-throttle, narrow class, stiff and unapologetically strong on edge. It wants you to be a better skier, no matter how good you already are. It has a wonderfully cushioned shin fit compared to its previous self and its former calf jabbing tendencies have disappeared. The toebox and forefoot (while still performance-fit) are more anatomically shaped and open. Testers liked the new touches on what is essentially an off-road Dobie and wondered how Nordica was able to keep the power and precision of the track machine but combine it with what felt like big-travel suspension. It's the more flexible bootboard design that did the trick, along with those liner changes that better distribute shock and help the foot to seat flat to the boot floor.