Olin DTSL Super Shape


1998 Player-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 170-195 cm
Price: $500
Details: Olin claims that the DTSL has the "widest performance range of any Olin ski," and our testers agree. "This may be the Swiss Army Knife of skis," said Bigford. "It does it all!" The DTSL "grips like a claw on hard stuff, but it also gives you fat round turns when you want them," said Shelton. "If you're getting into the sport for the first time and you have developed a sense of balance from other sports, you'll get the most out of the DTSL." Said McMenamy: "Each part of the ski responds to subtle instructions. It accommodates all levels of enthusiasm but responds best to a light touch."

Positives: Subtle, versatile and tough in all conditions
Negatives: No gimme carving turns here