One-on-One with Creator of Avy Airbags

The creator of the ABS avalanche airbag talks about safety features and how effective avy airbags are at saving lives.
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This season saw a high number of avalanche fatalities but also big improvements in avy-safety technology, pushing avy airbags into the mainstream ski market. There seems to be no question that airbags saved several lives this season. But, they also failed to save a few, proving that they're not a guarantee in an avalanche. The only guarantee for surviving an avalanche is not to get in one in the first place. The big question right now is whether the bags and other recent gear improvements are fostering a false sense of security and therefore inspiring people to travel into dangerous zones they wouldn't explore if they didn't have the packs. Our friends at Skiing Business caught up with the founder of the Avalanche Airbag to learn how avy airbags reduce the risk of injury and fatality.


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Winter Lab: Avalanche Airbag - ABS

Skiing Winter Lab Bro-tologist Ryan Dionne talks about the ABS Vario Base Unit avalanche airbag system, which is designed to zip into other ABS-compatible packs. The system uses nitrogen and a charged handle to inflate the airbag.