Ortovox X1 Transceiver

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603-746-3176; www.ortovox.com .

The X1 is the world's first transceiver that automatically switches between digital and analog search capabilities. The upshot? Hear the analog, see the digital, find your buddy.



Press Release: Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Transceiver Recall

Ortovox voluntary recalls S1+ avalanche transceiver.

Avalanche digging

ORTOVOX Continues Avalanche Transceiver Retirement Incentive Program

New beacons aren't cheap, but this program makes an important upgrade a little easier on the wallet.

This new avalanche beacon from Ortovox has several cool features. 1) It only requires one AA battery (most beacons use two), so it's lighter and slimmer than previous models—it's basic size and feel of an iPhone. 2) It is designed so that even if an avalanche victim is buried vertically—which is usually more difficult for rescuers—the beacon will send a signal as if the victim were buried horizontally, therefore making it easier for rescuers to find the person. 3) Like the Ortovox S1, it makes searching for multiple victims extremely easy and clear.

ORTOVOX Recalls 3+ Model Avalanche Transceiver

Software version 2.1's glitch leads to precautionary recall.