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Panoptx Goggles 2001-02

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Panoptx Goggles 2001-02


Breaking from the past, Panoptx is emphasizing both function and fashion for 2001¿2002. The new Twister ($140¿$190), designed and made in Italy, has a stylish fitted look and comes in colors charcoal and demi. Three other new models also join the collection: Boa ($120¿$170), Sirocco ($120¿$180), and Cyclone ($120¿$180). Boa and Sirocco both offer a venturi venting system, in which cold air is pulled into the goggle, mixes with the warm air, and is forced out faster than it came in. The Boa features an air-diverter bar, which battles fog by forcing air through filtered vents, while the Sirocco has adjustable vents. The Sirocco and Cyclone are designed for smaller faces, and the Cyclone comes in charcoal, sinister blue, and painted flames. All Panoptx models feature new Kool-Wick wicking fleece fabric covering foam orbital seals to keep wind and moisture away from the face.