Pared-Down Puffies

Cozy and functional, puffy jackets are about as practical a piece of outwear as you can buy. This season, a number of brands are offering minimalist versions that are just as warm and half as bulky. Here are a few options to keep you toasty and light this winter.
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Arc'Teryx SL Pullover

Seven Spring Jackets

Whether hiking, skinning, or downhill skiing, springtime means warm temperatures and soft snow. Here are seven jackets that will keep you cool, dry, and protected.

Down Care tout

Down Jacket 101

Your puffy keeps you warm, dry, and looking fantastic all winter long. Return the favor and give it some hard-earned TLC.

W.L. Gore Comfort Mapping

Gore-Tex Comfort Mapping

Ever have days when your back is sweaty but your hands are frozen? Different zones of your body produce, hold and release heat differently, making staying comfortable—especially in fluxuating winter temperatures—a challenge for you and your wardrobe. That is, unless your wardrobe is stocked with Gore's New Comfort Mapping technology, which strategically places new, functional fabrics—some that trap heat and others that release it—in technical garmets to accommodate your body's various temperature zones. For example, base layers and jackets are constructed to provide more insulation around your core while placing more breathable, antibacterial fabric in your underarm area. The new technology also enables designers to address the unique needs of men and women. “Gore’s new Comfort Mapping Technology allows for more possibilities in fashion and design," says John Reany, Gore product specialist. "In a nut shell, it’s zoned warmth with less bulk.” To read more about Gore's comfort mapping, click here. Visit Gore's website to stay current on their latest trends and technology: