POC Lobes

Ski as fast as Bode, or at least see as fast.
POC Lobes

If you’re paying attention to the World Cup races this weekend, you’ll see POC goggles on athletes like Julia Mancuso and Bode Miller. The relatively new Swedish company has made a mark on the racing circuit, but they make slightly less fast looking goggles for the rest of us, too.

POC’s mission is to give you the largest field of vision possible, so all of their goggles have huge lenses, and the Lobes, with its dual spherical lens and low-profile frame is no different. 

A thin, cellulose propionate inner lens prevents fogging, while a tougher polycarbonate-based outer lens prevents scratching. That means nothing will mar your vision on the race course, or where ever it is you need to get fast.

$130-160, www.pocsports.com


2013 Snowbird Ski Test Sponsor Tout

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Three words: safe, safe, and safe. The Envy incorporates Scott’s Biomex design—an aluminum roll cage that ups the integrity of the ABS shell—and shock-absorbing d3o material, which hardens upon impact for additional protection. Scott’s M-R.A.S. fit system keeps the helmet in place, preventing unseemly gaper-gap and, more important, maximizing your safety. Scott’s active S-Vent system pulls air over the crown of your head while the G-Vent system moves air across your goggle lens to keep your windshield fog-free. You can also customize your helmet-goggle integration with single- or triple-point lockdown.21 oz.[$150; scottusa.com]

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