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The alarm rings. It's still dark outside. You check your phone and...game on. You text your buddies two words that might just be the most thrilling words in any language: Powder Day!

Yes, we wrote the cover line about where to chase storms this winter. No, we don’t actually have any clue. According to our favorite meteorologist, Joel Gratz, long-range forecasts are almost always wrong. “Even if you could predict average snow, people want to ski big storms. You can only predict those 10 days out.” The only forecastable phenomena: El Niño and La Niña, which affect just a handful of resorts. In this year’s weak to nonexistent El Niño cycle, the Southwest might be favored, but it’s anyone’s guess. For early storm warnings, sign up for Gratz’s e-mail alerts at opensnow.com.

Even though predicting large storm cycles is difficult, there are a few places that you can count on for deep snow season after season. Where? So glad you asked.

Cat vs. Heli

SKI magazine editors Joe Cutts and Kimberly Beekman stand off over their preferred methods of pow seeking. We'll let you hear what they have to say and then decide who takes the cake.


Floatacious Powder Skis

Floatacious Powder Skis

Fat skis have redefined the way we ski powder. Once rare, now they’re mainstream—and only getting fatter.

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2016's Best Skis: Powder

Given how much time you spend dreaming of powder, you may as well own one of these skis that'll let you crush it.

Men's Powder Wide Skis: 2010 thumb

M's Pow Wide Skis: 2010

Pow and crud are these skis' natural habitat. But when the clouds won't come, they'll graze the groomed like a ride half their size. Built for experts, and perfect for intermediates learning to surf the deep.