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We make mistakes sometimes. Here's where we atone for those sins.
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Despite the fact that the magazine goes through multiple rounds of editing and fact checking, things occasionally slip through the cracks. We feel bad when that happens. Here are a few things we've screwed up this season. Found anything we need to feature here? Email


On page 35, The Phar North Hoody pictured is the EcoCycle Hoody, not the Nuclear Winter Hoody. It costs $50 and is made from 100-percent-recycled, American-made materials.

On page 104, the price of the Head Crest Brim helmet was incorrectly listed as $430. It's actually $130.


None that we're aware of...yet.


On page 34, we published the following sentence in the BCA Float 130 airbag pack summary: "Unlike airbag systems that deploy a wing on each side of the pack, BCA's bag inflates behind your head and neck to offer extra protection in a slide." There is no statistical evidence that shows that airbags which inflate behind your head and neck actually provide extra protection. We regret the misinformation. Additionally, some readers interpreted the sentence as a suggestion that the only brand using two separate, wing-type airbags—ABS—manufactures packs that are not as safe as those with single, head-and-shoulders-type airbags. The suggestion was wholly unintentional and we regret the imprecise wording.

On page 41, we listed Tag Along Tours as the guide service for the La Sals. Turns out they don't guide trips there.



The Approach

Sometimes you just have to zip up the tent on mother nature. Close her out. This is one of those times.

Ian McIntosh at Revelstoke, BC, by Blake Jorgensen.After a warm and foggy day, the clouds settled enough for photographer Blake Jorgensen and skiers Ian McIntosh, Kye Petersen, and Lynsey Dyer to ride to the top of British Columbia’s Revelstoke Mountain. Revelstoke, which sits in the Columbia Valley, is notoriously foggy during winter. But unless it’s storming, ascending a few thousand feet is all it takes to poke through to sunshine. “It was warm and the snow was getting pretty manky, so I set up under the cliff in this cave,” says Jorgensen. “Water and ice were dripping all over me and my gear.”


The Focus section of our magazine is where we showcase some of the best photographs of the year, and the stories behind how they were taken. Here is a collection of those images.

Tester's Choice '12

2012 Tester's Choice Skis

If you only read one thing about skis this winter, this should be it. This year, we tested 150 skis, reviewed 86, and picked nine as our favorites. Here are those skis. Start dreaming.

Secrets Map

Map o' Deals

We understand: The economy may be affecting your ski-travel budget this winter. But don't fret. We've put together a handy map of travel and resort deals—where to find discounts on lodging, lift tickets, and more, at your favorite resorts around the country, including links to our guides on how to ski those resorts once you're there. We'll be updating the map regularly—so bookmark this page and check back before you plan your next trip.


Being Here

Tragic accidents happen. But sometimes staying alive is a commitment you make to the people who love you.