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BordzUp PipeLine system
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It’s ironic that gear that so gracefully transports you down a mountain is consistently such a pain in the neck to store—either for the night or the off-season. The BordzUp PipeLine system ($40–$70) offers a neat and affordable solution. Unlike traditional pegboard racks, the adjustable BordzUp rack has a pivoting ski/pole holder that keeps your skis off the floor and securely in place, preventing binding bang and edge damage. http://www.bordzup.com


Buckle EZ

Buckle EZ

Boots: Buckle, Unbuckle, Carry your ski boots, Adjust, and Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

Toolbox: Proporta Universal Emergency Charger


With airlines hiking fees for baggage, you’d be wise to lighten your load next time you fly. Don’t waste limited space and precious ounces packing separate chargers for your army of electronic devices. Consolidate with a single universal charger that can power up all your gadgets—and say goodbye to low batteries, multiple chargers and that maddening mess of cords.

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Zeal Optics

the leader in Polarized + Photochromic lens technology, introduces the SPPX Eclipse™ model for 2010