Raichle Boots 2001-02

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Raichle Flexon Pro T

Raichle Boots 2001-02



Sometimes a boot succeeds despite the decisions of its marketers. Raichle once tried to retire the venerable Flexon boot-a credible player on the World Cup downhill circuit in its day-but freeskiing athletes such as Glen Plake and Kent Kreitler couldn't live without it. Raichle gave in and brought it back. Now the Flexon heads up a short-but-sweet collection that also includes its would-be successor, the F-One. As always, Raichles can be purchased either with a conventional liner or with the cozy, heat-moldable ThermoFlex liner.

Flexon Series
When it came to smooth and progressive forward flex, there was little that compared to the Flexon. The shell-tongue design is back-untidy buckling system and all-for those who can't live without it. "I get 100 calls or emails a day from all over the country, all people trying to find out where to get Flexons," says Raichle's Scott Mellin.
Unchanged: Flexon Pro T, Flexon T.

F-One Series
The F-One combines shell-tongue design, a la Flexon, with a traditional cuff and overlap design and buckling system. This year it comes with all new buckles, and in a choice of liners: either full ThermoFlex, which is fully heat-moldable, or the new ThermoFit, which offers partial heat-moldability (and is easier and quicker for retailers to deal with.)
Modified: F-One Race, F-One Rev, F-One Team.