Reeski: Trash Gone to Treasure

Reeski chairs photo

Whether you're a ski town resident or visitor, you've likely seen the original Reeski Adirondack chair. Created in the early nineties by Aspen entrepreneur Jeff "Theo" Theobald, Reeski has since expanded well beyond the original design and the initial dumpster-diving approach to harvesting skis.

Theo's latest Reeski designs include the Reeski Coat Rack, which is simply a wall-mounted ski with six hardwood pegs; the Ski Tip Toilet Paper Holder (right), an L-shaped ski-tip with a spring-free wooden post; and several snowboard products, including the Snowboard Toilet Seat Cover and the Snowboard Magazine Rack.

The company also offers a few modern variations of the original Reeski Adirondack Chair, including the Ski Rocking Chair and the Recycled Plastic Ski Chair (built with a 100 percent recycled plastic base, making it completely weatherproof). Reeski has even schemed up a "boot fitting" model for retailers, offering a less contoured seat for better leaning power (and a beverage holder, to boot).

The company has branded 13 products in total and now houses 15 tons worth of recycled skis and snowboards-a hefty selection in case you need to color coordinate with the drapes.

Still, if you want to provide your own old skis, go for it-not only will that make for more of a nostalgia piece, it will reduce your price by about 15 percent. It will also mean one less pair of skis in your precious local landfill-the very notion that spawned the company. (Before Reeski entered the scene, Aspen garbage cans were overflowing with rejected skis.) For more information on Reeski products, call (800) 826-5447 or visit www.reeski.