Reinventing Nobis - A Lesson from Nobis


(1) This is actually a pretty easy run. I'm planning my line, visualizing where I'm going to turn.

(2) It's important to stay balanced in the air, with your skis parallel to the landing. I look to make sure there's nothing I need to avoid. Are there rocks? Will I land soft or hard?

(3) This is the most critical part of the run-with max acceleration. I look ahead, preparing for the first turn around the rocks.

(4) I back off the edge to sideslip and delay enough to get around the bottom of the cliff.

(5) I'm safely through and ready to make some nice fat pow turns.

(6) I un-weight my downhill ski and throw my navel downhill. This gets the skis out to the side, out from under my body.

(7) Arcing in powder is the result of good preparation. If you're balanced, you're in a good position to glide around the corner smoothly.

(8) Here I'm again committed. My feet are out from under me, and the new turn has begun. I drive my arms forward so I don't lose all my power. There's a delicate compromise between pushing too hard on the outside ski and not pushing enough. Fore/aft balance is critical too. The trick is not to bury the outside ski in the deep snow.