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Return of the Icon

Skullcandy's signature headphone for action sports is back, now without wires.
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Skullcandy Icon Wireless

The Skullcandy Icon Wireless

In 2006, the Skullcandy Icon was a big deal. Made for skiers, snowboarders, and soon picked up by skateboarders and just about everyone who frequented a skatepark, the over-the-ear headphones were synonymous with action sports. But as the brand launched both bigger headphones, including our 2018's Editor's Choice Hesh 3 Wireless, as well as plenty of other bass-heavy sound options, the Icon was slowly phased out.

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But on October 23, 2018, the Icon is officially back. The new Icon Wireless headphones feature the recognizable design, plus incredibly improved sound delivery and a no-slip headband to make for easy wearing from the airport to the chairlift. The style still remains perfect for skiing, as there is no noise cancellation so it's easier to hear your surroundings. The headphones remain comfortable over any beanie or hat. 

After going through three pairs when the original Icon was in production, you can count this tester as officially stoked about the Icon Wireless. The easy-to-push control button takes a little bit of practice to master, and the headphones still blare loud enough that everyone can hear what you're listening to when you crank up the volume, but they don't make me feel claustrophobic like some other brands' ear-swallowing headphones, and Icons stay put unlike ear buds. With a 10-hour battery life on a full charge (tested and confirmed), the Icon Wireless headphones have everything you need for tunes on the hill and beyond.

Yes, like most things that were "cool" for skiers during the first decade of the new millennium, the Icon was primarily oriented towards snowboarders at first, but skiers started using them anyways. Sort of like a number of the songs on this Spotify Playlist that Skullcandy made paying tribute to songs in classic snowboarding movies. Some of the artists, like the Zion I and LCD Soundsystem, were featured in a number of classic ski movie parts, too.

The Skullcandy Icon Wireless retails for $50 and is available at


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